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On Saturday, 3 December, the top 60 short movies created during Campus MovieFest UK screened at the Odeon Mezzanine in Leicester Square. Check them out below.

Screening 1A, 3 December, 11:00 - 12:40

Hear(t)Sight - University of Westminster
Caught - University of the Arts, London
Origami - King's College London
Fighting for the Light - University of Sussex
Rookie - University College London
When a Pancake Sings - University of Oxford
The Stranger - University of Sussex
One Man's Part - University of Cambridge
Second Chance - University of Westminster
The Abolition of Work - London School of Economics
Reading Sharron - University of Oxford
Expression - King's College London
Black Mambo - University of Sussex
I Was Achilles - University College London
Wed Dress Redemption - University of the Arts, London

Screening 1B, 3 December, 11:00 - 12:40

Silence of a Broken Mind - University of Sussex
All the Little Things - University of Oxford
Isolation - University of Cambridge
no. 60 - University of the Arts, London
Out Of Time - University of Sussex
One Beautiful Day - University of the Arts, London
The Smell of Gosport - University of Westminster
Mind the Gap - London School of Economics
The Pill - King's College London
Constructed Imagination - University of Sussex
My Name is Joe Rubini - University of Cambridge
Liminal - London School of Economics
Pigskin Culture - University of Oxford
Chujdenetsut - the Foreigner - University of Sussex
Breakfast without Jane - University College London

Screening 2A, 3 December, 13:00 - 14:40

My Forgotten Girl - University of Sussex
Documenting Dave - University of the Arts, London
Insane Interviews - London School of Economics
Changing Patterns - University College London
Thom - University of Oxford
Bulbhead - University of Cambridge
The Presence of Time - King's College London
Wild London - University of Westminster
Speed Dating - University of Oxford
Lov'in the Bin - London School of Economics
Motivational Speakers - University of Cambridge
Penrose Steps - University of the Arts, London
Zombie Mike - University of Oxford
Stoicism and the Avoidance of Love Poets - University of Sussex
The Next Generation of Great Thinkers - University College London

Screening 2B, 3 December, 13:00 - 14:40

The Tale of the Blind Man with a Camera Head - University of Cambridge
Sisyphus - University of Oxford
Always in Transition - King's College London
Fornicate One's Life - London School of Economics
Someone You Used to Know - University of the Arts, London
Freerunner - University of Westminster
Five - University of the Arts, London
Trip Hazard: A Step Too Far - University of Oxford
Disturbed - King's College London
A Question of Time
First the Bird Fell
Room 311
Siren Syndrome