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The College of New Jersey
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Jury Award
Team: Twitch | The College of New Jersey 2015
Jury Award, Campus Finalist

Archie, a successful college filmmaker, has won awards for every type of film there is...except for romance. In order to fulfill his resume, Archie sets out to make a romantic short film,... more

date posted: 2015-03-03 | views: 704 | type: Movie

Twitch Plays College
Campus Best Comedy
Twitch Plays College
Team: Twitch | The College of New Jersey 2014
Campus Best Comedy, Campus Finalist

100,000 gamers across the globe are playing one college student's life as a computer game. 21 year-old 'Red' is going to learn quickly that one game with thousands of controllers is a rec... more

date posted: 2014-04-03 | views: 18,938 | type: Movie

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