Uncommon Cents
Elfenworks Social Justice Finalist
Uncommon Cents
Team: SkyWalker | Elfenworks Social Justice 2016 2016
Elfenworks Social Justice Finalist, Elfenworks Submission

As part of a class assignment: a high school student shares the story of an average American family living in poverty.

date posted: 2016-05-16 | views: 1,237 | type: Movie

Delicate Crest
Jury Award
Delicate Crest
Team: SkyWalker | Georgia Perimeter College 2015
Jury Award, GTA Winner - Best Actor, GTA Nominee - Cinematography, Campus Finalist, Elfenworks Submission

Delicate Crest is a film based on a woman who has just recently diagnosed with Huntington's Disease and is struggling with suicidal thoughts, stemming from a visit from Death Notifier.

date posted: 2015-02-23 | views: 1,899 | type: Movie

Ego Roulette
GTA Nominee - Actor
Ego Roulette
Team: SkyWalker | Georgia Perimeter College 2013
GTA Nominee - Actor, Campus Finalist

The film is about a meeting with Patrick Walker's Ego and Humble personlities.The ego has been locked in the brain for 22 years and has finially been granted a meeting with the humble per... more

date posted: 2013-01-20 | views: 960 | type: Movie