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Sonoma State University
Team Movies
Naht Yo Drank
Campus Best Comedy
Naht Yo Drank
Team: Pokeballz | Sonoma State University 2013
Campus Best Comedy, Campus Finalist

Our Hero today appears to be having a good morning in his dorm until he finds his suite mate drinking his last glass of B*tchin' water. Will our Hero be able to take vengeance and still b... more

date posted: 2013-10-08 | views: 700 | type: Movie

After Party Conflict
After Party Conflict
Team: Pokeballz | Sonoma State University (SSU) 2012

The conflict of having a party in your dorms and why you should always let consent your roommate first.

date posted: 2012-10-09 | views: 880 | type: Movie

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