Devin Keogh

Whittier College
Team Movies
The Tenth Planet
Campus Best Picture
The Tenth Planet
Team: Devin Keogh | Whittier College 2013
Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist

Win the lottery - get a free trip to the tenth planet.

date posted: 2013-10-20 | views: 234 | type: Movie

Down the Road
Campus Finalist
Down the Road
Team: Devin Keogh | Whittier College 2012
Campus Finalist

After His wife leaves him, our character goes on a journey of self discovery and love.

date posted: 2012-10-22 | views: 97 | type: Movie

The Deal
Campus Best Comedy
The Deal
Team: Devin Keogh | Whittier College 2011
Campus Best Comedy, Campus Finalist

Devin Keogh, a petty thief looks to make a deal with Wyatt Bradley, who turns out to be a cop thinking he's doing a sting operation on drugs. When the deal goes bad a chase scene down the... more

date posted: 2011-10-12 | views: 541 | type: Movie | CMF Featured Movie