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Campus Finalist
Team: Chaos Inc. | Indiana University 2012
Campus Finalist

A man awakes in a strange room with no recollection of how he got there. The only contact he finds is with a mysterious voice that promises to help him "fill in the gaps" of his memory; w... more

date posted: 2012-03-10 | views: 818 | type: Movie

Cherry Red Lipstick
 GTA Nominee - Director
Cherry Red Lipstick
Team: Chaos Inc. | Indiana University 2011
GTA Nominee - Director, Golden Tripod Finalist, Campus Finalist, Halloween Favorites

A surreal look into an abusive relationship. However, both parties enjoy it that way.Who is the predator, and who is the prey? And at what point does a game go too far?

date posted: 2011-04-09 | views: 2,589 | type: Movie