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Team: EoftheP! | Indiana University 2011

This is a music video we made for our song "Solace" for the 2011 campus movie fest. We are Earworm, but also check out our other music project, Eyes of the Prophet. Enjoy!

date posted: 2011-04-05 | views: 264 | type: Movie

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Mitchell Parks commented on the team EoftheP!.

11:30 pm March 4th, 2011


"Whats up we're Eyes of the Prophet a Bloomington based band of passionate music enthusiasts sharing our vision of what music is. We are looking to make a music video this year for Campus Movie fest!!! If you are at all interested you should send us a message! We need help on every aspect of film making. But don't let this deter you; we are VERY serious about making this movie as legit as possible. At the moment we are working on a talented recording arts student on recording the song. You can listen to other songs at facebook.com/eyesoftheprophet . So far I've created a small, basic treatment but it's really more of an idea. We would really like to go somewhere unique with it. Anyways if you have any questions just ask us. -Mitch"

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