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Calling all procrastinators
Calling all procrastinators
Team: bazinga | San Jose State University 2012

Do you always find yourself working on school assignments the night before they're due? Do you ever get sidetracked so badly you end up pulling an allnighter just to catch up? Well then, ... more

date posted: 2012-09-12 | views: 54 | type: Movie

Team: bazinga | San Jose State University 2011

Every once in awhile, you can't finish your food, so you throw it away. Did you ever stop to think about how the food feels?

date posted: 2011-09-07 | views: 0 | type: Movie

Hit or Miss
Hit or Miss
Team: bazinga | San Jose State University 2010

After a lovely dream disrupted by the sound of his alarm, an image of the girl of his dreams is lodged stuck in his head. He doesn't know she's real, but they're always at the same places... more

date posted: 2010-09-20 | views: 864 | type: Movie

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David Johnson commented on the team bazinga.

9:33 pm September 20th, 2010


"Hey, It's me! The Real David Johnson."