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Kwatro Krazy
Kwatro Krazy
Team: WikiWikiBoomBoom | Hunter College 2012

Based on the 2010 NYC ban of Four Loko, Kwatro Krazy (2012) tells a story of how two detectives find the source for the stolen batches of Kwatro Krazy still circulating in New York City.

date posted: 2012-03-04 | views: 237 | type: Movie

Drunken Confessions: St. Patrick's Day
Drunken Confessions: St. Patrick's Day
Team: WikiWikiBoomBoom | Hunter College 2011

After celebrating yet another St. Patrick's Day, Shawn heads over to his local church and confesses his sins.

date posted: 2011-03-22 | views: 824 | type: Movie

The Anti Bully
The Anti Bully
Team: WikiWikiBoomBoom | Hunter College 2010

A girl who gets bullied meets a person who eventually teaches her the art of fighting. She then becomes a vigilante of the bullied.

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 175 | type: Movie