Silo 12 Productions

North Carolina State University
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The Revolutionary
Campus Best Picture
The Revolutionary
Team: Silo 12 Productions | North Carolina State University 2011
Campus Best Picture, Campus Finalist, Rethink Possible Semi-Finalist

Plot Outline: In a nation controlled by the a totalitarian government, one man forms a plan that will shatter the lives of everyone involved, and force his enemies to make choices that w... more

date posted: 2011-02-22 | views: 3,073 | type: Movie

Campus Finalist
Team: Silo 12 Productions | North Caroline State University 2010
Campus Finalist

Two detectives investigate a crime scene...

date posted: 2010-07-14 | views: 474 | type: Movie

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Victor Enrique Chavez commented on the team Silo 12 Productions.

1:56 pm February 14th, 2011


"I am looking to join a team, if you want a shot at making the best possible movie please consider me"