CMF Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

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  • What is CMF?
    • Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world’s largest student film festival and a premier outlet for the next generation of filmmakers, began in 2001 when four students at Emory University provided fellow students with everything they needed — including camcorders and Apple laptops — to make movies in one week. Since then, more than 850,000 students at colleges and universities globally have received all the necessary technology and training to tell their stories on the big screen through film. CMF is free to students thanks to corporate partners and schools.
  • How do I participate in CMF on my campus?
    • Participating in CMF is easy! Just signup above if you haven't already. Once you confirm your email address, then follow the link in the email from the CMF Team to create your Movie Workbook. You'll be able to give us a bit more info on what you're thinking of creating in a week. Also, make sure to check out your schools event page, so you're up-to-date on all the dates and times for CMF on your campus.
  • What are the rules for creating movies with CMF?
    • Great question! Please visit our Rules page to view specifics and find out more information on Equipment, Training, and Technical Support.
  • Who can make a CMF movie?
    • Only students from the school in which you are competing and signing up are allowed to create movies for Campus MovieFest.
  • Important CMF Forms
  • How to Export a Movie from Adobe Premiere
    • Please refer to the CMF Training Manual, which you can download HERE.
  • How to Export a Movie from Final Cut Pro
    • Please refer to the CMF Training Manual, which you can download HERE.
  • How to Export a Movie from iMovie
    • Please refer to the CMF Training Manual, which you can download HERE.
  • Why isn't my movie listed online?
    • There are two main possibilities.

      1.) Your CMF Finale hasn't happened yet. All CMF movies are made private on both YouTube and our website until the night of your CMF Finale.

      2.) You might have forgotten a step in your movie's CMF Workbook. Click sign in at the top of this page, login to your CMF account, then find your current movie in the list to the right of the page. Click on your film, address any red !'s and make sure all the listed steps have a green checkmark next to them. Finally, click the "Submit Workbook" step and choose "Yes" and click "Update." From there you should be directed to your movie's viewer page and your movie should appear online. If not, please shoot us an email at support@campusmoviefest.com letting us know your school name, team name, movie name, and your issue.
  • How do I change team leader info or team member info for my team?
    • To change your Team Captain, email us at support@campusmoviefest.com with your school name, team name, and who/why you would like to change the captain.

      To change Team Member info, log in to your CMF account, click on the movie's profile to the right and then click Edit (next to the title) if you're not taken to your movie's Workbook. From there click on step 4 "Identify Cast & Crew" where you'll be able to add team members already on campusmoviefest.com or invite team members to join the site.
  • What's my password to login to your site?
    • We don't have a clue. But if you click the "Forgot your password?" link under the login fields, you'll be directed to a page where you'll be able to reset your password.
  • What if my CMF equipment doesn't work?
    • Contact us through one of the methods listed above and we'll arrange to take care of it right away.
  • Will my movie get shown at the finale?
    • It'll be a suprise, so come on over for a great night of amazing films, door prizes, awards and highlights of every movie from your school.
  • Can my movie be over 5 minutes long?
    • Your movie must be less than or equal to 5 minutes in length to be considered for judging. That's 5 minutes, 0 seconds, and 0 frames (05:00;00). Longer movies will be accepted and posted on the CMF website, but will not be entered into competition.
  • May team members be on two teams?
    • Yes, students can be on more than one team and can also captain multiple teams. Teams can also submit more than one movie.
  • May my friend who isn't a student be on our team?
    • Only students from the school in which you are submitting your movie for competition are allowed to work on your film. This includes all creative and crew roles. Actors are not limited to students and can be from any school and of any age.
  • Can I still pick up my equipment if I missed the Launch day?
    • Yes you can! Simply check your school's on-campus tech support hours and location, and a CMF staff member will be on-site to get you all the equipment (and help with your movie) that you need!
  • What if we want to get a band to give us permission to use their music?
    • No problem, we just need to get their permission. There are two form options. If they want their music only included in your movie, use this form. If they want their music entered into the CMF library for other students to hear and use in their films, please have them fill out this form and fax it to us at the provided number. They can also upload their music here. If it's not possible to have either form signed, feel free to use any of the thousands of tracks we provide in the iTunes library on the CMF laptops or create your own music.
  • May we use classical music in our movie?
    • Most classical compositions themselves are in the public domain (if the composer has been dead for at least 75 years). However, the recordings of those compositions are not. That means that you could perform or play any of the music in the public domain, but most likely couldn't use a recording you find online or on a CD. A pretty useful site to help is PDINFO.
  • May we use royalty-free music in our movie?
    • You may use royalty-free music that has no restrictions on its usage. This includes the loops supplied in GarageBand and the other Apple applications on your laptop. It also includes the Creative Commons license names Attribution (by) assuming you do credit the artists as required, but not any of the other CC licenses because they are too restrictive for all the possible exposure for your CMF movie. Similarly, any other websites that offer royalty-free music that has restrictions such as "no commercial use" may not be used for CMF without them signing a music agreement; otherwise, if you won, we couldn't show your movie in-flight with Virgin America, through our distribution partners or possibly even on the big screen at our events.
  • Who judges the movies?
    • For the CMF Finale on your campus, a panel of students, faculty and staff from your school select the top 16 movies that are shown as well as the winners of Best Picture, Best Comedy, and Best Drama awards. For CMF Hollywood our judging panel consists of industry professionals and luminaries.
  • How Long does it take to get prizes?
    • Most prizes at the campus level are handed out the night of your CMF Finale. If for some reason prizes aren't available at the show, please except 4-6 weeks for prizes to be shipped.
  • What if my question isn't answered here?
    • Please always feel free to shoot us an email, text, call, or instant message. All of our contact info is at the top of this page.