Interested in bringing CMF to your school?

Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world's largest student film festival, has already enabled over 750,000 students around the globe to create short movies and see them on the big screen. Participants produce thousands of short movies during innovative, multi-week events that provide all the necessary technology, training, and local music. Students on your campus will never forget walking down the red carpet and celebrating their own creations. Campus MovieFest was created by four students at Emory University in 2001; now the team at Ideas United (IU) has the privilege of sharing the event with the world. IU looks forward to discussing how your school can be a part of the 2013-2014 CMF Tour.

Why CMF?

Campus MovieFest is the only event of its kinds that provides all the laptops, camcorders, training, and support needed for teams of students to make short movies. Some of the unique benefits of CMF include the following:

  • CMF is for all students -- not just filmmakers -- as it celebrates creativity, excitement, and teamwork
  • Students have one week to create amazing short movies -- comedies, dramas, documentaries, and more¬†
  • The movies are judged by a panel of students and staff, and prepared for your school's CMF Finale
  • Students get to see their movies on the big screen, earn great prizes, and always remember their night as stars
  • All student movies are posted online at campusmoviefest.com so the students can share their stories worldwide
  • Students gain important skills working with the technology and developing teamwork. They apply their new-found talents to classes, student groups, and careers.
  • Top student films showcased for millions online, in-flight on Virgin America, at Cannes, and beyond
  • School winners are featured at CMF Hollywood in front of a globe audience, with past venues including Lincoln Center, Paramount Studios, Waner Bros., Universal Studios, and more.

About Campus MovieFest

Originally created by four students at Emory University in 2001, and now the world's largest student film and music festival, CMF is the only event of its kind to provide Apple laptops, Panasonic HD camcorders, and training all for free to students around the globe. Students at participating colleges and universities have one week to create their own short movies, with each school hosting red carpet finales to showcase its top movies. The best of the best moved on to compete against hundreds of other top shorts at Campus MovieFest in Hollywood.

All the movies are five minutes or less, and use music created by the students themselves or contributed by thousands of independent artists. Awards are presented for Best Picture, Best Comedy, Best Drama, the Elfenworks Social Justice Award, CMF 3D, and many special CMF Golden Tripod Awards. Over the past ten years, students have earned over $2 million in prizing and cash. Thousands of past movies are available for viewing online at campusmoviefest.com, as well as in-flight on Virgin America, on mobile phones, and at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.