1. Your movie must be 5 minutes, 00 seconds, and 00 frames, or less. You're welcome to make your movie as short as you like, but your movie may not exceed 5 minutes. Credits are are not required, but, if included, will count towards the 5-minute time limit.

2. Your movie must be shot and edited within your college's 7-day movie-making period. Pre-production (script, casting, locations, etc.) beforehand is acceptable and encouraged, but principle photography and editing must occur within the 7-day period for your school.

3. Your movie can be about any topic or genre. Campus MovieFest does not provide any prompts or require any themes. Though we do have an Elfenworks Social Justice category with a $10,000 cash prize, it is only optional.

4. All crew members must be currently-enrolled students at your college, while cast members can be anyone. You're welcome to play more than one role on your set (eg. director & actor, editor & composer, etc.), but the above guideline must be followed. Crew members include: writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, sound mixers, editors, colorists, SFX and VFX artists, foley artists, production assistants, grips & electric, costumers, and hair & make-up artists. Musical composers do not have to be a currently enrolled student at your college. Stock footage and sound are allowed with limitations (please e-mail support@campusmoviefest.com to learn more).

5. No nudity. Period.

6. No copyrighted material unless it is accompanied by written authorization. This includes music from copyrighted artists. If you've heard the song on the radio or Pandora, it's a virtual guarantee that it is copyrighted. Our laptops come included with 1000+ royalty-free songs, and you're welcome to scour the internet for additional royalty-free music. If you have a friend who is a musical artist, or you are a musical artist yourself, you are welcome to use this music, but you must sign a music release form. Release forms can be found at www.campusmoviefest.com/support. Logos and brands are acceptable as long as the focus of the movie is not about the logo or brand and the logo or brand is not shown in a negative light. Use of copyrighted characters and stories (eg. Batman, Harry Potter, etc.) are not permissible.

7. You're welcome to make more than one movie, as long as all movies are made within your college's 7-day movie-making period.

8. You're allowed to work on more than one team.

9. If you have your own film equipment, you can supplement, complement, or substitute for the equipment we provide you. You do not have to use our equipment.


All CMF participants will receive the following during their 7-day movie-making period, based on availability.

1. One (1) Apple Macbook Pro with editing software, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, and 1000+ royalty-free songs. One (1) Apple Macbook Pro charger will also be included.

2. One (1) Panasonic HD camera of one of the following models: Lumix GH4, Lumix GH3, Lumix G7, X920, or SD90. One (1) Panasonic/Lumix camera battery and charger will also be included. For cameras with detachable lenses, one (1) 14-140 kit lens will be provided.

3. One (1) 500GB external hard drive.

4. One (1) shotgun microphone or Sennheiser AVX wireless lavalier kit with applicable accessories.

5. One (1) tripod with tripod faceplate.

6. One (1) SD card for Panasonic Lumix GH4, Lumix GH3, Lumix G7, X920, or SD90.

7. One (1) shoulder bag, backpack, or alternative case to carry the above equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: While this equipment is provided to you for free, if any loss or damage occurs to any equipment, peripherals, or cords for ANY REASON, you will be financially responsible for its loss.


Campus MovieFest will also provide you with training and technical support during your college's 7-day movie-making period through the following ways:

1. 24/7 phone support at 541-CMF-TECH

2. 24/7 e-mail support at support@campusmoviefest

3. 24/7 web support at www.campusmoviefest.com/support

4. 24/7 AIM chat support at @campusmoviefest

5. 24/7 social media support at facebook.com/campusmoviefest, twitter.com/campusmoviefest, and your college's Facebook event page.

6. In-person Information Sessions or Technical Support Sessions based on pre-set times may also be available on your campus. Technical support is entirely open-ended. You're welcome to ask any question or receive any kind of training, from big questions like "how do I make a movie?" to "how do I add this alpha channel effect to this clip?" We're here to help, so please take advantage of us! Have additional questions? Feel free to shoot us an e-mail or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!