Campus MovieFest

Campus MovieFest (CMF) was created eleven years ago by four friends who were students at Emory University, looking for a unique creative outlet. They provided students with all the equipment they needed to share their stories through short movies on the big screen.

It started in a dorm in Atlanta, but since then CMF has grown to reach over 500,000 students around the globe, establishing it as the world’s largest student film festival. Campus MovieFest has given away over $2,000,000 worth of prizes including Apple products, cash, scholarships, pitch meetings with Hollywood executives, and much more to students just like you.

This year CMF launched events in Mexico and Europe to give students outside the US the opportunity to tell us their story. As a Campus Rep, you will have the opportunity to brainstorm marketing strategies at your school, help organize the entire week of events including launches and finales, interact directly with CMF staff on campus, host the finale at your school, and much more! Our Campus Reps continue to be a large part of CMF’s expansion, and it is with your help that we continue to grow.