College Battle Of The Bands

College Battle of the Bands, a national collegiate-music talent search, has awarded more than $250,000 in prizing over its first three years. The competition is open to any student band or music artist of any genre currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.

The series began during the 2008-09 school year and has featured notable participants including: The Local Natives, Mike Posner, Apple Trees & Tangerines (now known as Power), Allison Weiss, Jake Snider, Beyond This Point, Keep Me Conscious and more.

Our Campus Reps have had the opportunity to recruit student bands and attend local battles. This is your chance to scout your campus for the student bands that you love and give them a shot at national exposure. For more information about College Battle of the Bands, visit www.collegebattleofthebands.com. To hear music from the 2011 College Battle of the Bands artists, see the finalists here.