What elements qualify my film to be considered for the CMF Crime Drama Category?

There are a few key elements your movie must abide by to be considered for the $10,000 cash prize and a trip to meet Anthony E. Zuiker.

  1. Your film must be made during your school's CMF movie-making week, and abide by all CMF rules including being less than five-minutes in length.

  2. Your film must be considered a drama. Drama doesn't mean that there aren't moments of levity, but by and large should be dramatic in nature.

  3. Crime or the perpetration of a criminal act must be the center of your storyline.

  4. Your film must contain at least one scene where a "cybercrime tactic" is being employed.

  5. Your film must be TV-14 or below. If you've seen it on an episode of any CSI show – then you're safe.

What is a Cybercriminal Tactic?

A cybercriminal tactic is anything that utilizes a compromised or hacked communication device - namely cell phones, computers, and/or the internet - to commit or aid in committing a crime. Anything from sending an email or text message to full on viruses or malware can be considered a cybercriminal tactic. To learn more about cybercrime visit Norton's Online Family report.

What happens after I submit my film to CMF?

All the films entered into the CMF Crime Drama category will be reviewed by an internal panel to ensure qualifications are met. Finalists will be announced at your school's CMF Finale and will receive a copy of Norton 360! Once all finalists have been named, Norton who will select at least 5 of those finalists to continue on to the voting round of the competition to compete for the grand prize. *Not every school will have finalists and some schools can have more than one finalist.

When can I submit to the CMF Crime Drama Category?

The CMF Crime Drama category is currently only a Fall category, meaning that only campuses participating in CMF between September and December will be able to enter the category. The category is only open to on-campus CMF schools, meaning your Crime Drama must be shot and edited during your school's movie making week.

What do I win?

Finalists on the campus level will walk away with a copy of Norton 360 and move onto the next level of competition. Norton and the CYBERGEDDON team will review all finalists and choose which movies will move on to compete in an online views competition for the grand prize of $10,000 and a trip to meet Anthony E. Zuiker.

Want to read the fine print?

Click here for complete contest legal information.