53 Seconds

Campus Finalist
Description: Ryan ventures to the library to pick up a book for his sick roommate. Just a normal morning on campus, right? Only time will tell...
Campus FinalistCampus Finalist
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Ethan Levine-Weinberg commented on the movie 53 Seconds.

7:48 pm November 9th, 2010


""One of the greatest films of a our 'time'....A must-see family favorite."-The New York Times "James Cameron ain't got nothin on Frank Itai Joseph. Who needs a sinking ship and blue people when you've got a plot like this?"-The Chicago Tribune "Tim Burton would kill to have this cast."-USA Today "A stroke of genius. Frank Itai Joseph must have not done any homework for a week!"-The Washington Post "It's good.....I said....it's good."-Christopher Walken "