Movie “Ode to Beatrice”

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Some Key Data about the Movie

Title Ode to Beatrice
Description It deals with a boy troubled with nightmares, only to be quelled of those worries by a girl he meets. Soon thwarted by fate, he resigns the girl, knowing that her happiness is what is truly good. His nightmares come back as he lives a life of hedonism, stuck in an unhealthy aesthetic stage in regards to Kierkegaard, until as fate would have it, he "wakes" up one day to realize an entire year has passed, but only in his head. Given a second chance, he goes on his whim and a rescue mission commences. His first attempt fails and the villains win, as he recalled, but this time, he has the noble respect of a fellow long timer who aids him in his quest, and ultimately, through contingency as well as meticulous plotting, he finds his self, and it was only through the act of surpassing the rational, transcending male aggression, was he to cease his nightmares. More or less.
Genre Fantasy
Assigned to Festivals Hunter College
Cast & Crew
Zheng Jie Captain