Movie “The Path Less Traveled”

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Some Key Data about the Movie

Title The Path Less Traveled
Description The Path Less Traveled Barry is an English major and is having a hard time balancing work, school, and fun. Whenever he gets overwrought with stress he goes to the library to read poems and stories form his favorite authors and poets. Among them are the works of Poe, Frost, Blake, and Silverstein, to unwind from the tougher works and relax. He begins to notice that he is getting less and less sleep. Barry begins to dabble in drugs and alcohol and soon begins experiencing black outs, and begins waking up in strange places. When students begin to go missing he can't help but feel responsible. Cast would include Barry Barry's roommate Victims- 4 Psychologist RA The locations would include his dorm, the library, bus?, UC, laundry room, elevator?,
Genre Thriller
Assigned to Festivals University of San Francisco
Cast & Crew
Adam Hernandez Captain
Teresa So Participant