Movie “Hitman”

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Some Key Data about the Movie

Title Hitman
Description Hitmen: There is a secret group of people on campus. other students can call out hits on each other, if they know who to ask the main hit man, or woman is being questioned but has flash backs he/she is portrayed as heartless(montage of killing) then her boss,(innocent looking guy with ocd) calls out a hit on his/her friend he/she refuses so the boss kills the friend and frames hitman/woman the hitman tries to show cops that the boss is the real killer but fails gets arrested.
Genre Action
Assigned to Festivals Bridgewater State University
Cast & Crew
Alexi Idreos Captain, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer
Danielle Santos Actor, Producer
Danny Mills Actor
Lizz Polchlopek SpFX / Animator