Movie “Revelation”

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Some Key Data about the Movie

Title Revelation
Description Revelation is about a man who wakes up tied to an old chair in an abandoned warehouse. A huge bloody gash on his forehead indicates that he has sustained a massive head injury and has been rendered unable to remember previous events. The man examines his environment, and various objects trigger flashbacks in the man's head. He desperately attempts to remember what he has forgotten in hopes that the answer to an escape lives within him.
Genre Thriller
Assigned to Festivals Art Institute of Atlanta (Spring)
Cast & Crew
Austin L. Wiggins Captain, Writer, Director, Editor
Darren Orr Executive Producer, Camera Operator, Gaffer
Jason Gilmore Cinematographer, Lighting Technician
Shaun Watson Audio Engineer
Janeen Richardson Sound Engineer
haneef williams Actor
Bryce Miller Actor, Audio Engineer
Antwain Graham Makeup Artist