Movie “Zak's Sustainability Project”

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Some Key Data about the Movie

Title Zak's Sustainability Project
Description The 21st century marks the dawn of a new age of technological advancements. In other words, the future is here. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, cloning, advanced robotics, age reversal, all of these things that science fiction writers have imagined and pondered over for more than a century are finally starting to seem scientifically feasible. However, technology is only part of the equation of saving ourselves and planet earth as we know it. First, we must learn how to live responsibly, ethically, and with a respect for ourselves and for Mother Nature. (This project) is a 5-minute documentary that begins by highlighting the major economic, environmental, and social consequences that our generation will face as a result of the overconsumption, overpopulation, and lack of personal responsibility with which the human race is currently living. The main focus of the documentary will center around the growing science of sustainability, which strives to solve these problems through the practice of ethical consumerism, reorganized housing conditions, sustainable agriculture, and by developing new technologies that can help to reduce the consumption of resources per capita (just to name a few).
Genre Documentary
Assigned to Festivals Elfenworks Social Justice Opportunity
Cast & Crew
Zacharia Lorenz Captain
Kandarp Shah Producer
Yuri Machado Participant