Movie “Carissa Green's Project”

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Some Key Data about the Movie

Title Carissa Green's Project
Description Sometimes you'll hear it called fate. Other times, destiny. Skating around that which is destined is usually not up for negotiation. This time, destiny fucks up. She gets it all wrong. Three women are at her mercy and she isn't going to let them get away. Here is where I come in. The sub-conscious. Instead of having one-a-piece, like normal, they all get me. I'm charged with trying to bend the rules a little so they have a chance to run. I can't make any promises; there are three of them and we want them all to make it. The problem is, in life, there is always a winner and there is always a loser. A question for you: is it better to have a chance to change your destiny, or do you think fate will catch up eventually despite what you do?
Genre Drama
Assigned to Festivals Elfenworks Social Justice Opportunity
Cast & Crew
Carissa Green Captain
Sarah Ganas Participant
Megan Ingrassia Participant