Tips on perfecting your resume for IU Interns.

  • Keep it to one page.
  • Be sure to list your name, phone number, email address, and anticipated graduation date and your cumulative GPA clearly at the top of your resume.
  • Proofread and ask a friend, teacher, or career counselor to review your resume. Don't rely only on spell check!
  • Be sure to highlight your strengths and skills, and give specific examples of when you've used them.
  • Show experience or relevant coursework on your resume so that it's in line with the position for which you're applying.

Are you nervous about your phone interview or in-person interview? Relax and read over these tips.

  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Come to the interview prepared.
  • Be concise with your answers and avoid rambling.
  • Don't be afraid of silence while we write notes.
  • Give specific examples of your work experience and skills.
  • Be yourself, don't be afraid to let your personality show.
  • Save a copy of the job description when you apply, and review it before the interview.
  • Do your research. Be knowledgeable about Ideas United, Campus MovieFest and the position for which you're applying.