The Golden (Tripod) Rule: If you borrow our gear, you have to submit a movie.

Listen, our lovable CMF participants... we're thrilled you're participating in Campus MovieFest! And while most teams complete their movies during their CMF week, some run out of time. So we just really want to make sure you're in the group that finishes. There's so many reasons why:

  • You'll have a lot of fun, and we promise you'll be glad you completed the challenge.
  • If you're worried you might not win, don't worry, just enjoy the experience and what you're able to create in a week. You'll learn a lot and be ready for next year.
  • Plus, you'll be entered for a chance to win a a complete set of CMF equipment during our Spring Sweeps, just by submitting a movie.
  • We're there the entire week to help: our smiling faces at tech support on-campus, or over the phone/email/instant messenger.
  • We've prepared tips to help you finish your movie.
  • You'll celebrate your movie at your campus finale with loads of admiring fans.

But what happens when something comes up mid-week, and you don't have time to finish your movie? You can still submit a short clip that doesn't have to be a complete movie. Think about stuff you see on YouTube with loads of views. It can usually be created in less than an hour if you so choose. If your clip, or movie, goes viral you'll join the CMF Millionair''s Club and earn an iPad once you hit 1 million views.

You still want to know what happens if you don't? Here's the problem: if you borrow a seat of gear and don't finish your movie, it's likely another team couldn't participate. We're not responsible for the likely results:

  • You'll feel terribly guilty, perhaps unable to show your face on campus.
  • You probably won't be able to sleep for weeks.
  • And wouldn't it be funny if we email the teams who couldn't get equipment letting them know you didn't use your set? If possible, we'll be there to film the epic battle that results.
So, yes, we admit, you're too smart for us.It's a rule that we can't enforce. But we'll do everything we can to help you finish your movie and love your CMF experience. Contact us with any questions.