Bridgewater State University 2008

Bridgewater State University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Love Song 2250 views
2. Stealing Candy From a Baby 1564 views
3. It's Life The Musical 849 views
4. Decided 712 views
5. Zombie Hunters! 576 views
6. The Gay Germ 536 views
7. "Say It" 251 views
8. Anal Fire!!! 249 views
9. Team DTF Presents... 213 views
10. The Missing Piece 200 views
11. Death by Scrabble 162 views
12. DeathLevator 140 views
13. How Was Your Day... 132 views
14. Curious George 109 views
15. 1 New MSG 85 views
16. Dweezel Fashion News Team 84 views
17. Creep 61 views
18. Three Candidates 50 views
19. Second Glance 43 views
20. Lost Connection 42 views
21. It Doesn't Have Your Name On It 32 views
22. Afterthoughts Inc 28 views

 Congratulations, Bridgewater State College! See the top movies here! 


Special thanks to all the BSC participants during this year's Campus MovieFest event! The student, staff, and faculty judges selected their picks that were shown at a huge red carpet celebration and that earned Best Picture, Best Comedy, and Best Drama honors.


Your text votes will decide the winner of the AT&T Wild Card which, along with the other award winners, will move onto the Western Regional Grand Finale for a chance at huge prizes and exposure.


And, of course, enjoy all the amazing movies made by BSC students.