Columbia University 2014

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Columbia University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. The Sidekick 1296 views
2. Remembering Neverland 1027 views
3. Best Day Ever 498 views
4. Free Flow 480 views
5. A Letter I Will Never Give to My Father 383 views
6. Morning Person 301 views
7. Face-to-Face 284 views
8. Sliding Past 283 views
9. Trust Us, We've Done This Before 245 views
10. The Lunch Date 229 views
11. Walking Up 227 views
12. Headspace 203 views
13. New Roommate 202 views
14. An Encounter 201 views
15. Who are we? 123 views
16. One Day 121 views
17. Are We What We See? 112 views
18. Descent 90 views
19. Breaking Darkness 90 views


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Date Thurs, Apr 10 Fri, Apr 11; Mon, Apr 14; Tues, Apr 15 Wed, Apr 16 Fri, Apr 18
Place Lerner 572 Lerner 573; Lerner 572; Lerner 572 Lerner 572 501 Northwest Corner Building
Time 12-5p 12-4p 12-4p Doors 4:30p, Show 5p


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