Emerson College 2014

Emerson College Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Just Us Two 547 views
2. Nothing Home 399 views
3. Gun Hill 277 views
4. Barnes 248 views
5. Greek Culture 244 views
6. The T-Life 231 views
7. One Game Fits All 222 views
8. Paper Thin People 214 views
9. Lice Selfies 175 views
10. The Legend of Juarez 164 views
11. Baseball at Emerson 158 views
12. Fight against student loans 144 views
13. Silence 130 views
14. 16mm 129 views
15. Beloved Father 124 views
16. why do you love baseball 85 views
17. Time Goes By 68 views
18. Unperson 23 views


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CMF Wild Card - Congratulations to Ramble Cinema for creating Just Us Two . You've been selected to move on to compete in our online national bracket for a chance to screen during CMF Hollywood.  Stay tuned for more details on the next round of the competition. 


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Date Thurs, Apr 03 Fri Apr 04, Mon Apr 7, Tues Apr 08 Wed, Apr 09 Mon, Apr 14
Place Walker 635, Focus Group Room Walker 635, Focus Group Room Walker 635, Focus Group Room Bright Screening Room
Time 12-4pm 9am-1pm (Fri); 3pm-7pm (Mon); 12pm-4pm (Tues) 12-4pm Doors 7pm Show 7:30pm


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