Wesleyan University 2014

Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. The First Time 4020 views
2. The Solipsist Awards 3228 views
3. Dressed 2111 views
4. Party Shot 1379 views
5. Hush 1232 views
6. Stealing Smiles: Empathy in the Education Machine 677 views
7. The Bracket 469 views
8. Ali's Video Project 387 views
9. The Book of Tyler 377 views
10. Odds 371 views
11. Splitsville 339 views
12. Peter and the Tree of Destiny 309 views
13. Janitor 274 views
14. The Gift 258 views
15. The Collection 248 views
16. Tea for One 233 views
17. Insomnia 232 views
18. Antgirl 2: Crawling in Love 224 views
19. brb love, mom 208 views
20. BrodR 204 views
21. sLACking 192 views
22. The Last Caller 166 views
23. Birthday Betch 155 views
24. The Inevitable (#315) 148 views
25. Don't Ask Jake 118 views
26. Exley 112 views
27. Planet of the Grapes 97 views
28. Take One 72 views
29. Sylvester 58 views
30. Am I here 58 views


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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Tues., April 22 Wed., April 23, Thurs. April 24 Mon., April 28 Wed., April 30
Place Usdan 110 (Andersen Meeting Room) 4/23 Usdan 114, 4/24 Usdan 104D Usdan 110 (Andersen Meeting Room) Exley room 150 (Tishler Hall)
Time 12-5p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 7:00 pm Show 7:30 pm


Wesleyan University Event Blog

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Glad to hear it! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! https://t.co/0nSDgY4zJA 09/01