Indiana University 2014

Indiana University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. The Rebound 5298 views
2. Rx 2435 views
3. 2001: A Spank Odyssey 1803 views
4. Systematic Living 1510 views
5. Identity 1500 views
6. The Great Golden Egg 1169 views
7. Murder Trip 1010 views
8. Born Again 876 views
9. Happy to Be 867 views
10. Risky Business 778 views
11. At the River 760 views
12. A Helping Hand 662 views
13. Remember 497 views
14. The Moments 459 views
15. The Fortune Cookie Show 391 views
16. Sprinkles 377 views
17. Creatures, Not Monsters 302 views
18. Saint 288 views
19. Meta Morpher 245 views
20. Where Is My Mind? 222 views
21. In Your Eyes 188 views
22. Erased 154 views
23. SAFE 139 views
24. Pursuit 135 views
25. Online Me 127 views
26. Attachment or Detachment 122 views
27. Missing Pieces 112 views
28. The Lady in Black 103 views
29. Luke and Karen 91 views
30. sniff 83 views
31. Blend 81 views
32. Today 80 views
33. waiting 78 views
34. Faux Paul 70 views
35. Call Number 42 views
36. The Therapy Session 34 views


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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed., March 26 Thurs., Mar 27; Fri., March 28; Mon, March 31 Tues., April 1 Sun, April 6
Place Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center Lobby Lit Desk Memorial Union Oak Room Buskirk-Chumley Theater
Time 2 - 5 pm 12-4p 2:00-6:00p Doors 7p Show 7:30p


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