Northeastern University 2014

Northeastern University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Zuuchinii 3383 views
2. Panty Droppers Boot Camp 2184 views
3. Brandon 1768 views
4. Mind in Mayhem 1049 views
5. Wingman 903 views
6. Boston 562 views
7. The Mixtape 508 views
8. Seul 423 views
9. The Chain 385 views
10. Locked: A Modern Day Cinderella Story 383 views
11. Stand Up 376 views
12. The Critic 337 views
13. The Legend of Scarface Chang 326 views
14. Phil 236 views
15. Fade to Black 203 views
16. Find 201 views
17. The Kiss 198 views
18. Colors of life 192 views
19. Date With the Night 172 views
20. What we say matters. 165 views
21. Discan 150 views
22. Dysfunctional Analysis 142 views
23. Puzzles 120 views
24. Tom and Myrna 88 views
25. KwikPik 76 views
26. What a Year 74 views
27. That's Why You Go Away 68 views
28. The Ocean's Will 66 views
29. Poi In The Park 2 65 views
30. Come Out Bill O'Reilly 58 views
31. Killer Sale 50 views
32. Pairs 49 views
33. Cowboy 47 views
34. Wishing You Well 45 views
35. Around the Block 44 views
36. Dan With a Movie Cam 40 views
37. A Choice To Remember 34 views
38. A Life in the Day 32 views
39. Le Voyage 31 views
40. Cool Beans 29 views
41. Hunger 26 views
42. Feeties Hoofington in the Case of the Disappearing Chips 15 views


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CMF Wild Card - Congratulations to Guillaume Scoffié's Crew for creating Zuuchinii. You've been selected to move on to compete in our online national bracket for a chance to screen during CMF Hollywood.  Stay tuned for more details on the next round of the competition. 


CMF Millionaire - Become part of the CMF Millionaire club™.  Get 1million views on your submitted film Not only do you become an exclusive member, but we'll give you a free iPad.  It's that easy. 

Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Tues, Mar 18 Wed., Mar 19, Thurs. Mar 20, Fri. Mar 21 Mon, Mar 24 Thur, Mar 27
Place Curry Student Center 344 19th & 20th CSC Dance Studio B, 21st CSC 440 CSC 435 Curry Student Center Ground Floor
Time 12-5p 12-4p 3-6p Doors 7:00p, Show 7:30


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