Emory University 2014

Emory University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Answer 2753 views
2. #notastereotype 1272 views
3. Tin-Man 1107 views
4. Ghost Therapy 1102 views
5. My Strange Addiction: Netflix Bingeing 1049 views
6. Snap 806 views
7. Sanity 676 views
8. Syd 499 views
9. Code Blue 481 views
10. Pure 368 views
11. The Date 312 views
12. 9:00 301 views
13. Stasis 301 views
14. (500) Days of Selfies 287 views
15. Hispanics at Emory!!! 260 views
16. I Leave the Lights On 228 views
17. Be Prepared: The Clay Wood Story 171 views
18. EmRock Promotion! Kyta Liang - "Drops of Fire" 154 views
19. Epileptic Flow 142 views
20. 1A Whisker 127 views
21. Loop 115 views
22. Expectations 101 views
23. Textures 98 views
24. 23 Hours 90 views
25. Creation of a Superhero 87 views
26. Life In A Day 43 views
27. Our Earth - Our Future 41 views
28. Sharing A Story 29 views
29. Deeper Connections 17 views


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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Thu, Feb 27 Tue, Mar 4 Wed, Mar 5 Tue, Mar 18
Place DUC Coke Commons DUC Coke Commons DUC Coke Commons Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
Time 12-5p 11a-5p 2-6p Doors 7:30p, Show 8p


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