University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2013

University of North Carolina at Pembroke Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. On Our Way 1341 views
2. Miss Knightress-Dream 1069 views
3. B For Bully 720 views
4. Majoring In Music... The Real Struggle 561 views
5. Smoking Stereotypes 467 views
6. I Am a Christian 448 views
7. Soul Triptych 367 views
8. Suite 117: Girl Code 302 views
9. Keys 233 views
10. Day-Mare 218 views
11. N.C.N.W Commercial 214 views
12. Who Are You Sleeping With? (Wrap It Up) 210 views
13. Dirty Rich 162 views
14. Caught In Between 153 views
15. The Weekend (#TWUNCP) 146 views
16. The College Experience 143 views
17. The Everyday . 122 views
18. Hope Is Near 115 views
19. The Marrena Show 115 views
20. Work Hard Play Hard 85 views
21. A Work in Progress 83 views
22. On The Way Home 75 views
23. No One Knows 70 views
24. Weekend With Chris Lindsay 58 views
25. Three Crazy A** Hefas 58 views
26. Who did it 46 views
27. Never Afraid 43 views
28. The Equality of All 40 views
29. Project K-21 22 views
30. The Epic Fail 0 views

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CMF Wild Card - Congratulations to Brenda Ann Rodick's Crew for creating On Our Way . You've been selected to move on to compete in our online national bracket for a chance to screen during CMF Hollywood.  Stay tuned for more details on the next round of the competition. 


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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed, Sep 11 Thu, Sep 12; Fri, Sep 13; Mon, Sep 16 Tue, Sep 17 Sat, Sep 21
Place UC Mall UC Mall UC 213 UC Lounge
Time 12-5p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 7p Show 7:30


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