Cal State East Bay 2013

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Cal State East Bay Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Diary of a SLUT, confessions.... 1720 views
2. The Investigation Game 1161 views
3. Decipher 1127 views
4. Signs 742 views
5. Tech 625 views
6. WTF 451 views
7. The World According To Ben and Starks 432 views
8. Cecilia 345 views
9. Zombie High Chronicles: A Lost Brother 304 views
10. Stop Looking 301 views
11. Routine Daze 210 views
12. Living with C.O.P. 196 views
13. The 31st of October 113 views
14. How Long Can You Wait? 101 views
15. An HU Romance 100 views
16. Must Be Nice - TazzMainey & JuJu (of FAF) [Ft. Young Fatts] 100 views
17. Trauma Cerebral Cortex 84 views
18. Ice Cream 71 views
19. When I Set My Old Heart Free 64 views
20. Does That Say Hippopotamus? 64 views
21. GetFitStayFit 56 views
22. She Was Wanted 50 views
23. Something Personal 45 views
24. A Free Day on Campus 45 views
25. Change 34 views
26. Whats on My Mind 21 views
27. More Than Words 19 views
28. Crisis: A Day in the Life 16 views
29. Agent Champ 16 views
30. success 14 views

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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed, Oct 23 Thu, Oct 24; Fri, Oct 25; Mon, Oct 28 Tues, Oct 29 Sat, Nov. 2
Place Room UU 311 UU311 (24th and 25th, UU307 28th) Room UU 307 New Union Multipurpose Room
Time 12-5p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 4:30p, Show 5p


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