Arizona State University 2013

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Arizona State University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. First Date Kinda Guy 4431 views
2. Coffee Jitters 1536 views
3. Chinese Sausage 883 views
4. Olive Juice 752 views
5. POSTPARDON 725 views
6. Last Night 625 views
7. Others: Indian Boarding School 552 views
8. That's What Friends Are For 514 views
9. Red BLue 399 views
10. Guardian 391 views
11. When The Night Ends 360 views
12. Knights of Tempe 301 views
13. GlobeMed at ASU - What Will Your Hands Do? 285 views
14. Probation 285 views
15. The Return 280 views
16. Inspire 258 views
17. The Fifth Floor 223 views
18. To Be Clean 218 views
19. Good-bi 210 views
20. 2 Roommates 186 views
21. Embaucador 135 views
22. Brawl 132 views
23. Amused 130 views
24. 0928 0929 [1] 109 views
25. Broken 108 views
26. The Eleanor Show 97 views
27. Love Is Blind 86 views
28. Finders Keepers 74 views
29. Stronger Than The Sword 72 views
30. Into the Fire 63 views
31. Class Act 62 views
32. The Last Hand Stand 44 views
33. I Am It, It Is Me 28 views
34. Pitch 0 views

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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed, Sep 25 Thu, Sep 26; Fri, Sep 27; Mon, Sep 30 Tues, Oct 1 Mon, Oct 7
Place MU - Union Stage MU - Maroon and Gold Room MU - Maroon and Gold Room MU - Ventana Ballroom
Time 1-5p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 7p, Show 7:30p


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