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CMF 365 (United Kingdom) 2011

Yearlong Movie Making

CMF 365 (United Kingdom) Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Race through their eyes 5246 views
2. A Question of Time 1476 views
3. 3 O'CLOCK 1348 views
4. Laughing in the Dark 1312 views
5. Siren Syndrome 1220 views
6. Tabula Rasa 866 views
7. First the Bird Fell 861 views
8. Hang On 617 views
9. Flux 310 views
10. The Robotic Mirror 293 views
11. Room 311 275 views
12. The Rules of Survival 240 views
13. Memories 214 views
14. How to Get Around Europe 179 views
15. As Time Goes By 170 views
16. Crayfish 169 views
17. PAVEMENT 161 views
18. via future 103 views
19. Study/Break 94 views
20. More than Mud (Dag Bratbergsengen) 91 views
21. do you wait for the green light 86 views
22. In the Making 63 views
23. Sumoun 55 views
24. Every Me 46 views
25. The Cursed Camera 44 views
26. Phantom Constructs 34 views
27. Three Simple Instructions 30 views
28. Life is Short (Alt Narration) 24 views

  • Why Participate in CMF?
    • Maybe you'll participate because of the exceptional exposure we offer your film through the London Grand Finale, campusmoviefest.com, CMF at the major studios in Hollywood with industry execs, top movies in-flight on Virgin America and at the Cannes Film Festival and more?

      Or maybe it's a free trip & all access pass to CMF Hollywood

      Or perhaps it's the coveted CMF Silver and Golden Tripod Award® opportunities.

      Or it could be simply that you love making movies with friends.

      Possibly it's the chance to win all kinds of awesome partner gear and door prizes at the London Grand Finale Award Ceremony?

      Whatever the reason, CMF's gotcha covered
  • Rules & Guidelines
    • 10 Minute Rule:  
      Your movie may be ten minutes long or less. We are using the common timecode standard, so your movie's length must be equal or less than 10:00:00. This limit includes credits and anything else which might be included in your final exported file.  If your movie is over the 10:00:00 time limit, it will not be judged or screened at CMF events including CMF Hollywood, but will appear on campusmoviefest.com.
    • Submission Timeline:  Your movie must be uploaded to campusmoviefest.com no later than November 27, 2011 in order to be eligible to compete.

      Your movie must also have been created after November 20, 2010 to be eligible to compete.
    • Submission Format: You must upload your final submission as a high quality QuickTime H.264 movie file (file extension .mov), regardless of which editing software you are using to edit your movie. The data rate must exceed 8 mbps for 720p films and 12 mbps for 1080p films, in order for CMF to project your movie at any screening or event.
    • Copyrighted Music: You are not permitted to include any copywrighted music or performance in your movie without the signed CMF Music Release from all copyright holders of the music.

      This is generally a very difficult and expensive process so we strongly encourage you to avoid using copyrighted music -- if you still want to do so the CMF Music Release can be found at campusmoviefest.com. You are also welcome to create your own music, but remember it must be original -- copyrighted music performed by you is still copyrighted and cannot be used without the release mentioned above.
    • Trademarks:  You are not permitted to include any trademarks (logos, symbols, characters, etc) in your films. Please be very careful - the use of any trademark at all may legally force us to disqualify your movie and/or prevent your movie from being screened. We won’t automatically disqualify movies that include trademarks (for instance if a laptop or phone is in your movie), but if we are contacted by the copyright holder (which is more likely to occur when a trademark is used negatively), your movie will not be screened and will be removed from competition.
    • Other Copyrights: In addition to the copyright music guidelines above, you are not permitted to use any copyrighted material of any kind in your films. Please be very careful - the use of any copyrighted material at all may legally force us to disqualify your movie and/or prevent your movie from being screened. Copyrighted material includes but is not limited to film clips, television clips, audio clips, video game clips, books, magazines, etc. Even featuring just the image of an item that is copyrighted (like the cover) can violate the law so please be extremely cautious to protect yourself. We won’t automatically disqualify movies that include copyrighted material (for instance if Avatar is playing on a television in the background of a shot), but if we are contacted by the copyright holder (which is more likely to occur when a trademark is used negatively), your movie will not be screened and will be removed from competition.
    • Nudity is not permitted.
    • Dangerous Behavior: It is absolutely prohibited for any participant to engage in dangerous, reckless, illegal or otherwise negligent behavior in any aspect of the creation of your movie. Any such behavior will lead to immediate disqualification from the competition.
    • University Affiliation: Your team captain must be currently enrolled in a United Kingdom University during the same term that your movie is submitted.

      The team captain must be able to produce a University identification or other similar verification upon request.
    • Cast & Crew Members: Your crew is defined as the group of people who perform technical or creative tasks on your movie (example: writers, directors, producers, editors, cameramen, grips, etc). All members of your crew must be members of campusmoviefest.com and credited on the website.

      A violation of any items above will cause your movie to be withdrawn from competition and ineligible for prizing or screening at Campus MovieFest events.
    • Release Forms: It is highly recommended that your movie's Movie and Talent Release forms are scanned and emailed to support@campusmoviefest.com at the same time you submit your movie.

      If you are unable to submit your Release Forms at the time you submit your movie, you must submit them by faxing to + or scanning and emailing them to support@campusmoviefest.com.

      Please include the subject "Release Forms - Movie Name - Team Name - School Name - Year".

      The CMF team must receive your release forms within 24 hours of your movie submission.
    • Prizing: All prizing is awarded on a per-team basis and will be awarded to your Team Captain as a currently enrolled student. You are more than welcome to have non-affiliated Cast members appear as talent (actors, extras, voice-over talent) in your movie, but they will not be eligible to win prizes. As mentioned above we will require current University identification to claim any prizing.
    • Exposure: We have many exposure opportunities for the movies, but the majority of our partners will not broadcast mature content.

      We encourage all CMF 365 participant's movies to follow the criteria below:

      No profanity. No nudity. No graphic violence. No drug use. No hate speech.

      Movies that do not follow the criteria above will not be judged differently and will not be removed from the competition, but they will be severely limited in exposure opportunities with partner outlets such as Virgin America in-flight entertainment, television networks, and Apple affiliated websites.
  • Important Forms
  • Special Opportunities
    • DFN: The CMF Distinguished Filmmakers Network helps CMF's top filmmakers get additional experience beyond the CMF competition. Members of DFN are linked with high profile and often paying projects throughout a wide variety of video production. DFN is also a community where the highest caliber individuals have the chance to network and learn from each other. For more information and to apply click here.
    • CMF 3D: CMF's top student filmmakers will now get hands-on access to the latest Panasonic 3D camcorders, including the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, during their filmmaking experiences. In June, CMF will highlight the best movies – both made using Panasonic HD and 3D camcorders – from the 2011-2012 World Tour at Campus MovieFest, Hollywood. To learn how to participate in CMF 3D visit here.
  • About the Movies
    • You can make a ten-minute movie about anything. Featured categories include Best Picture, Best Drama, and Best Comedy. The judges will be focusing on the storytelling and creativity of your movie -- and not just the technical aspects. 
  • Campus MovieFest Hollywood
      CMF Hollywood. This gala weekend features opportunities with industry luminaries, a chance to see top student movies on studio lots, an awards ceremony, and more! Check out more information from last year's event here.
  • Support & Frequently Asked Questions
    • Need some help? Have some questions? We're here to help! Click here for more information.