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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed, Sept 19 Thur, Sept 20; Fri Sept 21; Mon, Sept 24 Tues, Sept 25 Thur, Oct 4
Time 12-5p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 7p, Show 7:30

Opportunity: Share your story on the big screen as part of the world's largest student film festival on your campus and in Hollywood. Borrow a MacBook Pro or iPad 2 and a Panasonic HD camcorder, plus get all the training and support you need, to make a movie in a week.


How to Participate: Sign up or Log in and then select "Make a Movie / Get Started Now" at the top of your dashboard


Due: Must be submitted by your school's CMF Collection date.


Length: 5 minutes or less


Price: Free


Requirements:  Team captain and all crew members must be currently enrolled in the University in which you are participating.  Cast (actors) are allowed to be outside of your University.  All Cast & Crew must be credited on your movie workbook (step 4) before submitting your completed movie.  Check below for complete rules and guidelines.

The CMF Golden (Tripod) Rule! If you borrow a laptop from CMF you are required to turn in a movie.



See - Last years Pictures from the USF Event!   Tag yourself & friends.

  • Why Participate in CMF?
    • Maybe you'll participate because of the exceptional exposure we offer your film through the school finales, campusmoviefest.com, CMF at the major studios in Hollywood with industry execs, top movies in-flight on Virgin America and at the Cannes Film Festival and more?

      Or perhaps it's the coveted CMF Silver and Golden Tripod Award® opportunities.

      How about $20,000 in cash prizes for our social justice category?

      Or it could be simply that you love making movies with friends and want to get all the equipment for a week for free.

      Possibly it's the chance to win all kinds of awesome partner gear and door prizes at your school finale?

      Whatever the reason, CMF's gotcha covered. 
  • Become a Campus Rep
    • Interested in playing a huge part of making CMF & other events  awesome on your campus? Find out more here.
  • Guidelines
    • 5 Minute Rule:  Your movie may be five minutes long or less. We are using the common timecode standard, so your movie's length must be equal or less than 05:00:00. This limit includes credits and anything else which might be included in your final exported file.  If your movie is over the 05:00:00 time limit, it will not be judged or screened at CMF Finales, but will appear on campusmoviefest.com.
      Listen, our lovable CMF participants... we're thrilled you're participating in Campus MovieFest! And while most teams complete their movies during their CMF week, some run out of time. So we just really want to make sure you're in the group that finishes. That's why we created a new rule and a new prize. If you borrow a laptop from CMF, you are required to turn in a video. Simple as that, or else. If you take a laptop and find mid-week you won't be able to finish your movie - then just submit a short video or clip to the CMF Millionaire Challenge . As a bonus prize - everyone who submits a video (even if you use your own equipment) will be entered into a drawing to win a complete set of CMF equipment in April.
    • Moviemaking Week: You must shoot and edit your film during your school’s Moviemaking Week.  If there is evidence that you shot or edited your movie outside of your school’s moviemaking week, your movie will not be judged or screened at any CMF events.

      If there is footage pertinent to your film that you cannot shoot in the given Moviemaking Week for your school, please email support@campusmoviefest.com at least 24 hours before your school’s CMF Launch, to explain the scenario and to request permission to use footage created outside the given week.

      A good example of when permission is granted is if a student is shooting a documentary and wants to show pertinent information that has happened in the past and compare it to events happening now.  A good example of when permission is NOT granted is if a student wants to start filming early because that schedule fits better for his/her actors.

      Typically, if permission is granted, you will be allowed to use up to 10% of your movie’s final runtime for footage shot outside your moviemaking week.
    • Editing Software: You are permitted to use any type of software to edit your movie. iMovie, Final Cut Pro 7, and Final Cut Pro X will be provided on all of the CMF laptops.
    • Submission Format: You must turn in your final submission as a high quality QuickTime movie file (file extension .mov), regardless of which editing software you are using to edit your movie. The data rate must exceed 20 mbps in order for CMF to project your movie at any screening or event.  More details regarding how to export your movie to these specifications can be found in the CMF Training Manual.
    • Copyrighted Music: You are not permitted to include any copywritten music or performance in your movie without the signed CMF Music Release from all copyright holders of the music.

      This is generally a very difficult and expensive process so we strongly encourage you to avoid using copyrighted music -- if you still want to do so the CMF Music Release can be found on the CMF loaner laptops as well as at campusmoviefest.com. You are also welcome to create your own music, but remember it must be original -- copyrighted music performed by you is still copyrighted and cannot be used without the release mentioned above.

      We also have a library of 1,300+ songs from independent musicians available in the iTunes Library of the CMF Loaner laptops as well as on DVD’s that may be checked out at CMF Launch on your campus.  All of these tracks are also available for preview on campusmoviefest.com/music.
    • Trademarks:  You are not permitted to include any trademarks (logos, symbols, characters, etc) in your films. Please be very careful - the use of any trademark at all may legally force us to disqualify your movie and/or prevent your movie from being screened. We won’t automatically disqualify movies that include trademarks (for instance if a laptop or phone is in your movie), but if we are contacted by the copyright holder (which is more likely to occur when a trademark is used negatively), your movie will not be screened and will be removed from competition.
    • Other Copyrights: In addition to the copyright music guidelines above, you are not permitted to use any copyrighted material of any kind in your films. Please be very careful - the use of any copyrighted material at all may legally force us to disqualify your movie and/or prevent your movie from being screened. Copyrighted material includes but is not limited to film clips, television clips, audio clips, video game clips, books, magazines, etc. Even featuring just the image of an item that is copyrighted (like the cover) can violate the law so please be extremely cautious to protect yourself. We won’t automatically disqualify movies that include copyrighted material (for instance if Avatar is playing on a television in the background of a shot), but if we are contacted by the copyright holder (which is more likely to occur when a trademark is used negatively), your movie will not be screened and will be removed from competition.
    • Nudity is not permitted.
    • Dangerous Behavior: It is absolutely prohibited for any participant to engage in dangerous, reckless, illegal or otherwise negligent behavior in any aspect of the creation of your movie. Any such behavior will lead to immediate disqualification from the competition.
    • School Affiliation: All members of your movie’s crew must be currently affiliated (student, faculty or staff) with the participating campus in which you are submitting your movie. Your movie will be paired with that school for the duration of the competition and prizing for crew members will be determined using that information.

      All crew members must be able to produce a student ID or other similar verification upon request.
    • Crew Members: Your crew is defined as the group of people who perform technical or creative tasks on your movie (example: writers, directors, producers, editors, cameramen, grips, etc). All members of your crew must be currently affiliated (students, faculty or staff) with your school.

      Cast Members: You are welcome to have cast members from outside your campus appear in your film as talent (actors, extras, voice-over, etc), though they are not permitted to perform technical or creative crew tasks as mentioned above.
      A violation of any items above will cause your movie to be withdrawn from competition and ineligible for prizing or screening at Campus MovieFest events.

      All Cast and Crew members must have a registered User Account at campusmoviefest.com and be paired with your film on the website.
    • Release Forms: It is highly recommended that your movie's Movie and Talent Release forms are submitted to CMF staff at the same time you submit your movie.

      If you are unable to submit your Release Forms at the time you submit your movie, you must submit them by faxing to 214.279.5660 or scanning and emailing them to support@campusmoviefest.com. Please include the subject "Release Forms - Movie Name - Team Name - School Name - Year". The CMF team must receive your release forms within 24 hours of your movie submission.
    • Prizing: Only Cast & Crew members that are currently affiliated (student, faculty or staff) with the campus in which you are submitting your movie are eligible to win prizes. You are more than welcome to have non-affiliated Cast members appear as talent (actors, extras, voice-over talent) in your movie, but they will not be eligible to win prizes. As mentioned above, that rule will apply to all levels of the competition including the International Grand Finale. We will require a current Student ID to claim any prizing.

      Your Cast & Crew must be identified on campusmoviefest.com at least 24 hours before your school’s CMF Finale.
    • Exposure: We have many exposure opportunities for the movies, but the majority of our partners will not broadcast mature content.

      We encourage all CMF participant's movies to follow the criteria below:
      No profanity. No nudity. No graphic violence. No drug use. No hate speech.

      Movies that do not follow the criteria above will not be judged differently and will not be removed from the competition, but they will be severely limited in exposure opportunities with partner outlets such as Virgin America in-flight entertainment, television networks, and Apple affiliated websites.
    • Other Websites & Festivals:  We love helping get the maximum exposure for CMF movies. You'll receive an embeddable link so your movie can be shared around the web after your school’s CMF Finale.

      You may not upload your CMF movie to other video hosting/sharing websites or submit to other festivals on your own, but just contact us at support@campusmoviefest.com for permission and assistance if you would like to submit your movie to another festival.

      Members of the CMF Distinguished Filmmakers Network (DFN) also get additional support submitting their movies to top festivals.
  • Important Forms
  • Special Opportunities
    • ELFENWORKS SOCIAL JUSTICE CATEGORY: The CMF Elfenworks Social Justice Category encourages you to share stories of social injustices in your community for a chance to win $20,000 in cash prizing. To submit to the category and find out more information click here.
    • DFN: The CMF Distinguished Filmmakers Network helps CMF's top filmmakers get additional experience beyond the CMF competition. Members of DFN are linked with high profile and often paying projects throughout a wide variety of video production. DFN is also a community where the highest caliber individuals have the chance to network and learn from each other. For more information and to apply click here.
    • CMF 3D: CMF's top student filmmakers will now get hands-on access to the latest Panasonic 3D camcorders, including the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, during their filmmaking experiences. In June, CMF will highlight the best movies – both made using Panasonic HD and 3D camcorders – from the 2012-2013 World Tour at its International Grand Finale. To learn how to participate in CMF 3D visit here.
  • About the Movies
    • You can make a five-minute movie about anything. Featured categories include Best Picture, Best Drama, and Best Comedy. The judges, including students and staff at each participating school, will be focusing on the storytelling and creativity of your movie -- and not just the technical aspects. And this year, we're also proud to offer a social justice category brought to you by the Elfenworks Foundation. Find out more about the opportunity to make a movie to make a difference, and possibly win a $10,000 grant.
  • Campus MovieFest Hollywood
      CMF Hollywood. This gala weekend features opportunities with industry luminaries, a chance to see top student movies on studio lots, an awards ceremony, and more! Buy your all-access badges and find out more here.
  • Support & Frequently Asked Questions
    • Need some help? Have some questions? We're here to help! Click here for more information.


University of San Francisco Event Blog

2014 CMF Hollywood Results!!! 06/23

Last night capped off  the 12th annual CMF Hollywood student film summit on June 19-22, 2013 at Universal studios. Nearly 1,000 student filmmakers, family and friends from 60 participating college campuses attended the weekend of events including educational workshops, advanced screenings, networking and professional opportunities, screenings of over 150 in-competition short films, and the glamorous red carpet CMF Hollywood Awards at the Universal City Globe Theatre!

See all the results HERE!!! 

Animake This! 05/12

Calling all student animators, special effects artists, graphic design artists, and musical composers! Campus MovieFest, in association with Adobe and FOX Animation Domination High-Def Studios, is proud to share our newest contest, Animake This!

We are searching for the top student-created animations, special effects, character illustrations, and musical compositions in the world. One winner from each category will win an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, California for a week-long animation experience shadowing the FOX Animation Domination High-Def team. One winner will also receive the grand prize of $5,000 USD in cash!

Animake This is open to any currently enrolled student in any college, university, or art school. Submissions must be five minutes or less (when applicable), and there is no cost to submit.

For more information and to submit your work, visit www.animakethis.com

RED at CMF Schools 02/14


The team at RED Digital Cinema has been making the rounds at select Campus MovieFest schools to show off their latest gear to the next generation of filmmakers like you! Stay tuned right here for updates on future CMF schools that RED plans to visit, and check out what else RED has going on at http://www.red.com/.

CMF Hollywood! 06/18

Our bags are packed, our tickets are booked and the festival gear is en route, which can only mean one thing: Only two more days until Campus MovieFest Hollywood! We’ve got a ton going on this week, from advanced screenings of Despicable Me 2 and Rush, to workshops with RED Studios and the incredible awards ceremony at the Zanuck Theater, plus SO MUCH MORE. Check out the festival schedule here and take a look at the 2012 awesomeness:

Homeward Bound 04/27


The Satellite Tour is on its way home after finishing the year strong with more than 400 spectators at the La Salle University Red Carpet Finale on Thursday. Satellite is currently on the road in Virginia and with any luck will be home in Atlanta by nightfall. Rumor has it they’re staying alert with the judicious consumption of Trolli Worms and episodes of THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Safe travels guys and we’ll see ya in Hollywood!!

Tribeca Film Festival Review: EATING LUNCH 04/26


This week some members of the Campus MovieFest crew had the opportunity to attend some screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and see some incredible work by up-and-coming artists. Here’s a review for the film EATING LUNCH by CMF Video Manager Caitlin Wert:

Watching short films can be a very intimate experience, particularly because so much vital information is offered in such a limited duration. There is no time to be coy; there is only time to draw the viewer into the story. TriBeCa’s Skin Deep series of shorts is full of pensive pieces that prompt true emotion. The stand out for me is Eating Lunch, a Swedish film by director Sanna Lenken that focuses on a group gathering for lunch in an eating disorder clinic. The story follows Klara, a returning patient played by a very convincing Elina Sandberg, as she attempts to finish her meal in 30 minutes. Much to Klara’s dismay, not only does she have to deal with her own self-judgments while eating, but she also has to process the added stress of a very neurotic new patient who has no problem being vocal about her worries.

Lenken does a fantastic job of putting the audience directly into the situation and transferring Klara’s concerns over to us; you simply cannot help but feel uncomfortable when watching this film. As the narrative progresses, you empathize more and more with Klara to the point where you can personally feel her anxiety as if you were experiencing it yourself. Anyone who has ever dealt with an eating disorder or who knows someone else who suffers will appreciate the reality that Eating Lunch presents. The act of eating lunch is such a “normal” thing for many of us, but this film challenges that mindset by putting a spotlight on how difficult eating can actually be for people who have eating disorders. The subject is a tough one to handle, but Lenken does it with skill and grace.

I consider a film successful when it evokes authentic emotion. Without a doubt, Eating Lunch accomplishes this feat. In the span of 13 minutes, Lenken makes us feel tentative, uneasy, and hopeful in a very real way. This is a film that will resonate with you long after you have left the theater.

New Kids on the Block 04/19

Campus MovieFest is expanding! There are two new schools on the horizon for CMF, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Hofstra University, both launching next week. Welcome to the CMF family! We can’t wait to see your films!

DID YOU KNOW: Hofstra boasts numerous famous alumni, including Christopher Walken, James Caan, CMF Luminary Philip Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond), and FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA? This could be you, Hofstra students:image

UMBC has its own list of famous alumni, but the list really begins and ends with actress Kathleen Turner, probably best known as the voice of the one and only JESSICA RABBIT.


Your move, Hofstra.

CMF Hollywood 04/08

As the weather warms up and semesters are slowly approaching finals, it’s time to start thinking about Campus MovieFest Hollywood! The dates are June 20-22 back at the lovely and glamorous Sheraton Universal and the entire CMF team can’t wait to see everyone there! Badges and hotel rooms are available now at discounted rates, so act fast! Some previous presenters include cinematographer Wally Pfister (Inception), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Stana Katic (Castle). Check out some of the highlights from 2012.

Shipping Up To Boston 03/07

Campus Moviefest is en route to the home of clam chowder and the Red Sox: BOSTON! CMF is proud to return to Beantown for our ninth year, with stops at Northeastern, Fitchburg State, Salem State and Bridgewater State!

But first, what’s a road trip without a couple of roadside attractions? Here’s CMF Promo Manager Nishant getting his money’s worth on a great pecan sale.


From ATL to NYC 03/05

After wrapping up in Atlanta with the fantastic Emory and GSU Finales last week, Campus MovieFest now travels north, to the wintry and exciting New York City. CMF will be at four New York-area schools in this semester, starting with Hunter College in Manhattan and St. John’s University in Queens and wrapping up in April with Fairleigh Dickinson in Jersey and Fordham in the Bronx.

For a look back at CMF in New York in 2012, check out VIOLET by Eliza McNitt at NYU, the Best Drama winner at CMF Hollywood.