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Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed, Feb 16 Feb 17,18,21 Tues, Feb 22 Tues, March 1
Place DUC Lobby DUC Lobby DUC Lobby Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
Time 5-8p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 7:30p, Show 8p


School specific details about launch or tech support, etc.  


Opportunity: Share your story on the big screen as part of the world's largest student film festival on your campus and in Hollywood. Borrow a MacBook Pro or iPad 2 and a Panasonic HD camcorder, plus get all the training and support you need, to make a movie in a week.


How to Participate: Sign up or Log in and then select "Make a Movie / Get Started Now" at the top of your dashboard


Due: Must be submitted by your school's CMF Collection date.


Length: 5 minutes or less


Price: Free


Requirements:  Team captain and all crew members must be currently enrolled in the University in which you are participating.  Cast (actors) are allowed to be outside of your University.  All Cast & Crew must be credited on your movie workbook (step 4) before submitting your completed movie.  Check below for complete rules and guidelines.

The CMF Golden (Tripod) Rule! If you borrow a laptop from CMF you are required to turn in a movie.


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