CMF México 2011

CMF Mexico

CMF México Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. (somewhere) 251 views
2. Mr. Perfect 200 views
3. Detras de camaras 110 views
4. Welcome (Bienvenidos) 99 views
5. Bonfire 84 views
6. El Regalo 83 views
7. Casting Call 82 views
8. Cambio DE Perspectiva 70 views

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Sponsored by the City of Rosarito, The LA Program, Campus MovieFest and students, alums and faculty of Emerson College Boston, the festival is a grass roots public diplomacy project aimed at communicating an accurate image of life in Rosarito, from the perspective of those who live in this beachside community.
The 4th Annual Rosarito Student Film Project is dedicated to providing participants with an intensive hands-on practical workshop experience in filmmaking.  Students will work closely with film industry professionals, current students and alums of Emerson College – Boston, and members of the LA Program in a one-week project culminating in the production of a student film focusing on a positive and accurate perception of Rosarito or Baja California. The student films can be in the format of a PSA, documentary, docudrama, or drama.
During this one-week project, students will decide on the topic, write and develop the script, and produce and edit a 3 - 8 minute film. Students can collaborate with each other on a film project. Students will be housed at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, also the site for all meetings and activities.  Final student films will be premiered at the end of the project in a special VIP event.
Students are not required to have film experience for this project, but a desire to help promote intercultural understanding and highlight the special qualities of life in the Baja and Rosarito.