Bridgewater State University 2011

Bridgewater State University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Unattainable: A Ninja Story 6193 views
2. Sacrifice and Bliss 3596 views
3. Interquenchin 1819 views
4. Brush with Boffo 1690 views
5. Bounce. 832 views
6. Intercession 604 views
7. hands, jobs 451 views
8. Menstraul Psycho 446 views
9. Wingman Chronicles 413 views
10. DeathCup 375 views
11. Plague 351 views
12. Rundown Booze 322 views
13. London School of Dermatology 310 views
14. Paranormal Smacktivity 289 views
15. American Stalker 240 views
16. Pug. 223 views
17. Bobby Hicks 210 views
18. G Status 207 views
19. Group Work 201 views
20. It's Todd Time 195 views
21. ...nor does a crown endure. 183 views
22. 5 Minute Meal 175 views
23. Life of a Penny 160 views
24. The Return of the Clay Barbarians 159 views
25. In Other News... 123 views
26. Woods 120 views
27. SBP 105 views
28. Sequence 84 views
29. Drawing Friendship 77 views
30. John & Roseann 67 views
31. finding myself 28 views


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These films will be invited to the International Grand Finale

BEST PICTURE Sacrifice and Bliss
BEST DRAMA Unattainable
BEST COMEDY Interquenchin
WILD CARD Intercession


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