Rollins College 2011

Rollins College Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. One Tall Step for Man 2399 views
2. Rollins Hangover 1576 views
3. The Real L Word: Rollins College 1540 views
4. Frat Swan 1303 views
5. A TEAM 635 views
6. Making (More) Movies 573 views
7. Rollins College It Gets Better 540 views
8. Signals 493 views
9. Three and Grasping 450 views
10. EVOL 416 views
11. Aesthetic Sublimation 413 views
12. Do These Make Me Look Fat? 390 views
13. Abnormal Activity 338 views
14. Make Up Your Mind 337 views
15. Love: Or a Moment Thereof 325 views
16. Take Me Back 264 views
17. Aesthetic Sublimation [1] 244 views
18. Rain 225 views
19. Rollins safari 201 views
20. Based On An Unfortunate True Story 187 views
21. A Day in the Life of Twiggs 184 views
22. Alone 173 views
23. Shades 166 views
24. The ninja attack: revenge on froggy 162 views
25. A-Choo! 115 views
26. Celluloid Savior 113 views


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These films will be invited to the International Grand Finale 

BEST PICTURE One Tall Step for Man
BEST DRAMA Love: Or a Moment Thereof
BEST COMEDY Making (More) Movies
WILD CARD The Real L Word: Rollins College



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