The Ohio State University 2010

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The Ohio State University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Planting Seeds 1642 views
2. Vampire State University 709 views
3. Chuck Simons 685 views
4. Spare Change 522 views
5. Out of Line 442 views
6. You Want My Opinion 302 views
7. All That I'll Be 230 views
8. Dean Supreme 226 views
9. The Betrayal 205 views
10. Space Cadet 204 views
11. Change of Plans 189 views
12. The Big Payback 165 views
13. Standard Brotocol 151 views
14. Days 144 views
15. A Demon's Day Job 143 views
16. Sixup Pickup 140 views
17. Jinx 119 views
18. Ready or Not, Here I Come 112 views
19. Stained 110 views
20. Dreams BE Dreams 89 views
21. Not The Only One 68 views
22. The Call 65 views
23. Manhunters 60 views
24. Angels Among Us 59 views
25. The Test 45 views
26. Compromised Innocence 36 views


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These films will be invited to the International Grand Finale

BEST PICTURE Planting Seeds
BEST DRAMA Spare Change
BEST COMEDY Chuck Simons
WILD CARD All That I'll Be


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