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Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Ian McShane Interview 73542 views
2. Gale Harold Highlights 45704 views
3. Tips & Tricks - Audio Dubbing 41997 views
4. Gale Harold Highlights (2009) 35272 views
5. Don Johnson Highlights 33231 views
6. Tips & Tricks - Shutter Speed Style 26699 views
7. Project X Cast Interview 25730 views
8. Catfish Interview w/ Nev, Rel & Henry 25033 views
9. The Hunger Games Cast Interview 24637 views
10. Tips & Tricks - DSLR Import in Final Cut 19314 views
11. Shane West (Sundance 2010) 15217 views
12. Tips & Tricks - FCP Scratch Disk Reset 14916 views
13. Ian McShane Talks Pirates 4 14653 views
14. Shane Black "Modern Action Films" 12716 views
15. Tips & Tricks - Shallow Depth of Field 12125 views
16. Tips & Tricks - How to Make Fake Blood 11283 views
17. Ethan Suplee (Sundance 2010) 11134 views
18. Patton Oswalt Highlights (2009) 10467 views
19. James Wan & Leigh Whannell - Pure Horror 8339 views
20. Tips & Tricks - YouTube View Count 7836 views
21. Colin Ford & Scott Porter/Soundtrack 7787 views
22. London Grand Finale: Callum Blue 7257 views
23. Jason Sudeikis Highlights 6917 views
24. Oded Fehr Highlights 6769 views
25. Eddie Kaye Thomas Highlights 6437 views
26. Crispin Glover (Sundance 2010) 6273 views
27. London Grand Finale: Shohreh Aghdashloo 6063 views
28. Tips & Tricks - Vertigo Effect 5908 views
29. Vincent Kartheiser "Being a Paint Color" 5536 views
30. Oded Fehr Highlights (2009) 5531 views
31. Dominic Fumusa Interview 5073 views
32. Tips & Tricks - Making Things Disappear 4998 views
33. Tony Todd 4790 views
34. John Cho Highlights 4603 views
35. Topher Grace & Teresa Palmer 4553 views
36. Nora Zehetner Highlights (2009 WRGF) 4460 views
37. Vincent Kartheiser Highlights 4402 views
38. Judah Friedlander Highlights 3956 views
39. Tips & Tricks - White Balance 3941 views
40. David Hyde Pierce, Nathanial Parker 3932 views
41. Christian Slater Highlights 3821 views
42. Paul Dano Highlights 3730 views
43. CMF Promo - Fall 3728 views
44. David Krumholtz Highlights 3674 views
45. John Boyega 3524 views
46. Vincent Kartheiser "Find Your Own Path" 3476 views
47. Kate Mara & Max Minghella/AT&T RTP Award 3383 views
48. Tips & Tricks - 180 Degree Rule 3217 views
49. Alice Eve Presenting for Best Actress 3174 views
50. Brian F. O'Byrne Highlights 3148 views

CMF Central Event Blog

permanently moved to my own domin 06/26

Hunger Games stills 02/29

Check out the Avox in the background. :(

Scanned from the Hunger Games Companion - See the rest here

Total Look-alike 02/29

Bud Cort (Harold and Maude) & Asa Butterfield (Hugo)

Marilyn Monroe Chosen as the Face of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival 02/29

CMF in the Sky 02/28

The Facebook voters have spoken and Someone You Used to Know from University of the Arts London and Frame from UCLA earned the most votes and will be screened inflight on Virgin America airplanes during April and May 2012.

These films will be joined by three films selected by CMF Staff which include Wed Dress Redemption from University of the Arts London, The Vestige from Cal Poly Pomona, and The Therapist from Georgia Tech

Check out the movies online with links above - or the next time you fly Virgin America in the Best of the Web section.

Rookie Mag interview with John Waters 02/27

Rookie Mag John Waters

ROOKIE MAG: But do you think anyone should feel guilty about their pleasures and obsessions?

JOHN WATERS: I’m not guilty about pleasure. I guess if I ever had a real guilty pleasure it would maybe be if I loved The Help. Which I didn’t hate, and I thought I would. When I love something that is mass-loved, that’s probably the only time I’m hesitant to admit it, because it goes against my image. However, that can happen to me. That’s why I love Justin Bieber. I always talk about him.

But The Help is my number-one guilty pleasure. Even though they copied Pink Flamingos. They eat shit in that movie.

2011 Razzie Awards - Worst Picture Nominees 02/27

Our money is on Jack and Jill to “win”

MOVIE OF THE WEEK - Grow Grass Grow Aft... 02/27

Sooooo, Donald Duck hosted the Oscars in 1957. 02/24

Did you know that having a cartoon host the Oscars was even a possibility?? We didn’t!!

Now that we know, the staff at Campus MovieFest have some suggestions for the Academy on which cartoon character (muppets allowed) should host next year.

Abe: Mickey Mouse (Though his voice might get annoying.)
Dan: Pepe the King Prawn
Jess: Daria
Nathan: Winnie the Pooh
Megan: Miss Piggy and Kermit (They’ll blow Franco & Hathaway away!)
Ramsey: Pinky and the Brain 
Vijay: Bugs Bunny (Vij was waffling between Bugs and Kermit, but in the end decided Bugs was more like Billy Crystal.)

Mark Wahlberg's Oscar Spoilers - Don't even bother watching!! 02/24

Apparently Mark has an “in” at PriceWaterhouse. *side eye*

His predictions proclamations:

Best Pic - The Artist
Best Actor - Jean Dujardin 
Best Actress - Viola Davis 
Best Supporting Actor - Christopher Plummer
Best Sound Editing - Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Best Costume Production & Cinematography - Hugo