Loyola University Chicago 2010

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Loyola University Chicago Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Meet Connor 1405 views
2. Gettin' Meat 907 views
3. Dorm Room Taxi Driver 902 views
4. Monkey in the Middle 812 views
5. Daniel Goes to the Movies 767 views
6. No Rhyme or Reason 740 views
7. Pete 685 views
8. Writer's Block 636 views
9. A Glimpse of the Unfamiliar 599 views
10. On Top of the World 558 views
11. Music Brings Life ... literally 550 views
12. The Picnic 519 views
13. The Badassilisks of Quidditch 506 views
14. It's Not You, It's Me 486 views
15. The Infatuation of Perception 355 views
16. Therlude 296 views
17. Obsession: Thoroughly Modern Adam 292 views
18. Over the Top 287 views
19. Daydreaming 284 views
20. With Apologies to History 278 views
21. Contemplating People 246 views
22. Character 221 views
23. LESION 216 views
24. Gotta Love Movies 198 views
25. Sunday Morning Round 11 159 views
26. Noticed 155 views
27. A Recurring Dream 149 views
28. Make-up 93 views
29. To Make a Movie 63 views


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These films will be invited to the International Grand Finale 

BEST PICTURE Writer's Block
BEST DRAMA It's Not You, It's Me
BEST COMEDY Music Brings Life... Literally
WILD CARD Monkey in the Middle


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