University of Arizona 2010

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University of Arizona Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. An Afternoon in the Park 7774 views
2. D.U.I. Under the Influence 2293 views
3. Mike and Megan 2160 views
4. Johnny Mac: The Best Campus Detective Ev 1430 views
5. The Good and the Bad 623 views
6. Move Right 597 views
7. The Passenger 521 views
8. Self-Date 444 views
9. Spaghetti 440 views
10. Wilted Lily 401 views
11. The Duel [1] 379 views
12. How to Make an Old Fashioned 366 views
13. Dear One Year, 337 views
14. Meet Jenny 337 views
15. All Women Come From The Streets 335 views
16. Once More 313 views
17. Documentary for relationship 311 views
18. Journey 299 views
19. Diamond In The Rough 232 views
20. Revenge Therapy 199 views
21. Against Company Policy 180 views
22. The Pursuit 161 views
23. Spanish Starts in 6 Minutes 158 views
24. LIGHT [1] 137 views
25. The Kill [1] 137 views
26. Innocence 128 views
27. Summer Love Letter 122 views
28. The Kill 108 views
29. The Duel 78 views
30. I Don't Care 74 views
31. Puppies 62 views
32. The Beginning 59 views
33. LIGHT 42 views


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These films will be invited to the International Grand Finale

BEST PICTURE Mike and Megan
BEST DRAMA D.U.I. Under the Influence
BEST COMEDY Johnny Mac: The Best Campus Detective Ever
WILD CARD An Afternoon in the Park



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