The University of Alabama 2009

The University of Alabama Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Spirit Walkers 2584 views
2. The Protagonist 2107 views
3. Textually Active 2065 views
4. I Need To Make A Call 1218 views
5. Pregame 921 views
6. Hit and Run 491 views
7. College A Short Film 413 views
8. Awesome Movie 405 views
9. My Basement Companion 403 views
10. The Process of a Dream 197 views
11. The Jimmy Landis Project 197 views
12. Abednego Swallows the Yesterday 194 views
13. ONE NINE EIGHT 172 views
14. Bad: A Badminton Story 167 views
15. Tucky and the Time Capsule 151 views
16. Good Lord 140 views
17. Interruption 138 views
18. Corrupt Minds 116 views
19. Relentless Devotion 104 views
20. Neuen Tag 76 views
21. blurred 62 views
22. Movie: The Movie 53 views
23. Tutored 49 views


Congratulations, University of Alabama! See the top movies here! 


Special thanks to all the UA participants during this year's Campus MovieFest event! The student, staff, and faculty judges selected their picks that were shown at a huge red carpet celebration and that earned Best Picture, Best Comedy, and Best Drama honors.


Your text votes will decide the winner of the AT&T Wild Card which, along with the other award winners, will move onto the Western Regional Grand Finale for a chance at huge prizes and exposure.


And, of course, enjoy all the amazing movies made by UA students.




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