Adam LaPrade - University of Central Florida

Adam started his film career when he directed a Campus MovieFest favorite "The Importance of Playing Yardball", a film that made it to the 2007 Campus MovieFest International Grand Finale. After attending the University of Central Florida, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked on awards shows like the Emmy Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards and the Academy Awards. 5 years later, he’s moved back to Orlando to start his own production company. Lenovo’s "Seize the Night" production will be the first project under his new company, Splice of Life Productions.

Cast & Crew

Adam LaPrade - Director / Proj Manager
Branden Colton - Producer
David Brinn - Producer
Alina Newman - Talent
Jacob Gowing - Talent
John Sanders - Talent
Katrina Mudd - Talent
Kanimia Jodejuan - Talent
Ashley Steele - Crew / Grip
Robert Hernandez - Crew / Grip
Taryn Bergstrom - Crew / Grip

Adam LaPrade - Tonight's The Night Behind the Scenes

Here's a exclusive look at Adam's alternative ending piece - featuring a Tonight's The Night video of a hospital scene. They built a hospital set inside an empty room and later, shot the scene - all in one day. Here's a lot of the action (including dressing the set from scratch!). The Tonight's The Night was shot using a GoPro Hero 2 mounted to the wall.

Seize The Night - Original

See Lenovo’s original short "Seize the Night" video

CMF Hollywood Announcement

We were excited at Campus MovieFest Hollywood to announce the challenge in front of our top filmmakers from around the world. Check out all the highlights.