Lanly Le - Arizona State University

Lanly Le is a fashion and beauty photographer and videographer. With a free spirit and a romantic eye, she hopes to instill passion and a bit of a love story in all of her images--whether they are moving or still. Le is based in Phoenix and also holds a heavy interest in rockclimbing, sushi, and betta fish.

Cast & Crew

Lanly Le - Director
Rick Craft - DP
Aaron Santos - VFX Artist
Tony Caldwell - Main Hoodie Guy
Heather Vaughn - Hoodie Guy's GF
Kellie Dunn - Hoodie Girl 1
Destinee Stanton-Blauss - Hoodie Girl 2
Alex Le - Hoodie Guy 1
Victoria Wagner - Hoodie Girl 3
Tevin Medley - Hoodie Guy 3
Mongkieu Tran - Hoodie Girl 4
Abraham Anene Ntonya - Hoodie Guy 2
Jessica Huerta - Make-up

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