Meet the incredible teams that came together to create the alternate ending challenge to Lenovo’s short "Seize the Night" video .


Lenovo, created the ‘Seize the Night’ spot to set their latest Ultrabook devices apart from others by focusing on how our technology enables people to do amazing things. David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo explains... "Creativity is everywhere, and the Film Your Own Ending competition recognizes the collective talent and ingenuity of the global student filmmaker community that Campus MovieFest has cultivated. We’re prepared to be astounded at what this community brings to life."

Distinguished Filmmakers Network

The Distinguished Filmmakers Network (DFN) is an exclusive network of the next generation of directors, producers, writers, actors and more, primarily discovered through Campus MovieFest (the world’s largest student film festival). DFN provides its members with high profile and paid opportunities such as branded commercials, customized educational content, music videos, internships, contests, premiere tickets, workshops, and beyond. It also gives members the chance to network with local talent, as well as collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the world.

IU Productions

Ideas United, through its events, developed its Distinguished Filmmakers Network of the most talented young content creators, in addition to internal resources, to form IU Productions. IU Productions specializes in empowering young filmmakers to create authentic, high-quality, and lower-cost content for organizations. IU Productions stays on the leading edge of content creation, including a recent 3D moviemaking initiative. In addition, IU Productions draws from the experience of running 750+ events to produce best-of-class events worldwide for partners, including branded conferences, film festivals, concerts, and more, all while leveraging a network of campus ambassadors.

Campus MovieFest

Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world’s largest student film festival, is the only event of its kind to have provided over half a million students with Apple laptops, camcorders, and training to make short movies all for free thanks to premier partners. CMF travels to over 75 colleges and universities a year, creating unforgettable sponsored experiences for millions of students ranging from moviemaking to red carpet finales. An online community showcases the library of 10,000+ cleared short movies. The best of the best student filmmakers then come together at the major studios in Hollywood for a weekend of industry leader workshops, receptions, and awards with celebrity presenters.