Garrett Wickman - San Jose State University

Garrett Wickman has a BA in Radio, Television, Film, and Theater from San Jose State University (SJSU). Although his main focus in film is editing, he has a passion for directing and writing. His short film “Hope” won Best Drama at CMF SJSU and was a finalist at CMF Hollywood. He also won Best Picture at SJSU Film Production Society Film Festival for his short film, “Ping Pong”. Wickman has edited for Cinequest, 1-Page, Blue Angel Vodka, and many more companies; and is experienced using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Motion, Premier, and Photoshop among other programs. He consistently maintains the highest performance standards and commitment to every project.

Cast & Crew

Garrett Wickman - Businessman/Director/Editor
TJ Reid - Security Guard/DP
Pierce Leggin - Special Effects Editor
Ryan Eways - Mastermind
Erin Eways - PC Computer Girl/Locations
David Wickman - Guy walking
Megan Palmer - Girl Walking
Gary Wickman - Man in car
Kathy Wickman - Woman in car

Seize The Night - Original

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